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Calling all “Senior Dog Lovers”. Annabelle is a former Ohio Shorthair Rescue dog who has returned because her human is facing health challenges and could no longer give her all the things a GSP needs each day. When Annabelle arrived, it took her a few days to settle in and she was certainly confused with everything she saw. True to her spirit, she has now settled in and is happy to follow the routine of her foster home.

This girl is a lover from nose to tail. She is happiest when either stretched out lengthwise or curled into a ball right next to her person. In typical GSP fashion, she will drape her head over your leg or let it dangle over the edge of the sofa. In her foster home she does a funny thing, flinging the pillows from either the couch or loveseat on a regular basis.

She just recently turned 11 years old but is still filled with GSP energy. Annabelle enjoys daily walks along with roaming free within the fenced-in back yard. She will sometimes play with dog toys, and does not seem intent on destroying or dissecting them to pieces. Annabelle is comfortable being crated, housebroken, and is now following the foster home’s procedure of ringing the bells hung over the door that leads outside.

This girl is definitely a gem! She deserves a stable and active forever home where she can be a typical GSP girl. Annabelle will love someone forever and can quickly bore a hole in your heart.

Annabelle is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

Key Notes

  • 11 years old

  • Female

  • Housebroken and crate-trained

  • Returned to rescue due to her owner's health challenges

  • Would love an active home and daily walks with her new people

  • Super sweet girl who will steal your heart!

  • LOVES: Cuddling, roaming the fenced yard, and knocking all of the pillows off of the sofa. :-)

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