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Introducing Maisy! This sweet 15-month-old will steal your heart, your lap, and occasionally your socks if you leave them lying around. Maisy came to OSR after her owner passed away suddenly, and she went straight into the Cell Dog program. Unfortunately, she had a difficult time in that environment – she was overwhelmed by all the sounds, lights, and people. It was decided that a quiet foster home would be a better place to allow her to overcome her timidness and show her true self.

Meeting new people is difficult for Maisy – she is extremely nervous and is scared of sudden movements and loud sounds. However, after a few days (and a few hot dogs), she began to trust her foster family. In the following weeks she opened up more every day, and her personality shone through! This girl is sweet, affectionate, and playful with her people. Once she is comfortable with you, she is not shy about jumping in your lap for snuggles. Maisy is eager to please and will look to her trusted people for reassurance and protection when she feels uneasy.

Aside from treats, what helps her gain confidence around people is other dogs. She looks to them for reassurance and to let her know the people are safe for her to approach and the environment is not as scary as she initially thought. Plus, she absolutely LOVES to play with other dogs! She has different play styles depending on her play partner.

On the GSP energy scale, she lands in the middle at a solid 5. She loves going on walks but definitely needs some refinement on her leash manners. She gets the outside zoomies a few times a day, but she calms down quickly and settles into snuggle mode on the nearest lap. She will spend her inside playtime with toys of any type – her favorite is the soft, squeaky ones that make the biggest mess!

As with many young dogs, Maisy needs work on her recall and jumping on her people when she gets excited. Her sit is almost perfected! Her forever home needs a person or family willing to work on socializing her and exposing her to people, places, and the world in general. Her sheltered past has left her scared of the unknown, and most everything is unknown to her. Formal training would go a long way with her, and would help get her used to people.

Maisy is housebroken, crate trained, spayed, and up to date on all her shots. If you are interested in adopting Maisy, please fill out an application.

Key Notes

  • 15 Month Old

  • Female

  • Sweet & affectionate

  • Young & playful when she feels safe; timid at first and nervous of loud noises and fast movements; eager to please her people

  • Looks for reassurance from other dogs & would do well with other pup pals

  • LOVES: Treats, other dogs and walks & snuggles

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