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Meet Mason! This stunning boy is around a year old and is ready to find his forever family.

Mason came to OSR as an owner-surrender because he was considered a “failed hunting dog” as he is afraid of loud noises, sudden movements, and new surroundings. He is fearful of all the new people he meets and is especially nervous around children. Because of this, we are only considering adopters with no children in the home or children aged ten and over.

It does take Mason some time to trust people, and he tends to warm up quicker to men. Once he decides someone is safe, he is stuck to them like glue! He loves to be wherever you are and has become a professional snuggler. He loves to climb in your lap for cuddles - and he is the perfect petite size at less than 50 lbs.

With his foster brother and other dogs, Mason is very submissive. He has shown no dominant behavior around food, toys, treats, or chews. He will, however, initiate play with them! He loves to be chased when outside, and inside play is usually wrestling. Unfortunately, his foster brother is a grumpy senior who can’t be bothered with young puppy energy, but Mason has had the opportunity to meet many dogs to play with – male, female, tiny-sized to giant.

His foster family is helping socialize Mason by taking him to dog-friendly stores and restaurant patios. The car rides make him anxious and drooly, but he is a quiet and respectful passenger. He gets better and better with each adventure! Plus, Mason feels more confident handling new situations and interacting with strangers when other dogs are around. He has just started attending daycare to help with his socialization and confidence. Because of how much dogs help him break out of his shell, we prefer that his forever family have at least one other dog that could be Mason’s playmate.

Mason loves going on daily walks and does great with his harness. He loves playing with all kinds of toys, and he recently showed his foster family that he can fetch! He could use some refinement on his puppy manners; obedience training would really help to boost his confidence and shape him into a fine gentleman.

Mason is housebroken, crate-trained, neutered, and up-to-date on all his shots (including the canine flu vaccine). If you are interested in adopting Mason, the first step is to fill out an application.

Key Notes

  • 1 Year Old

  • Male

  • Fearful and shy around new people

  • Housebroken and Crate-trained

  • Best in a home without children under 10 yrs of age

  • LOVES: Other dogs, daily walks, ALL the toys!

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