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This handsome boy is Moose! He is 5 ½ years old and is looking for either a foster home, or his forever home. His previous owner became too ill to care for him, and as a result Moose spent some time at a kennel. The stress of all the change caused him to lose weight, so his number one goal is to get some weight on him! Luckily, Moose will eat anything you put in front of him – or yourself. He thinks all food is his food, but he is quickly learning table manners. He is being fed four times a day, so his belly stays full and he can focus on bonding with his people and learning the rules of the house.

Moose is incredibly smart and is very excited to learn! His food motivation makes him easy to train. One of his favorite commands is “hug,” where he stands up on his long hind legs and puts his paws on your shoulders. This is probably because being with people is his favorite place to be. Moose would love to have his humans home with him all the time, whether they are retired or work from home. He also would prefer not to share any attention with other dogs – he wants to be the one and only!

Moose has made a promise to himself to work on meeting a couple of personal goals. First, his counter-surfing has dramatically improved since he started putting weight on, but it is still a work in progress. We believe this habit will subside as he gets his body where he wants it to be. Secondly, Moose has finally admitted that he has a phobia of crates and confined spaces. He is working through this by having all his meals in his crate with his people nearby. To Moose, everything is better when food is involved.


Being a part of the family is really important to Moose. Where you go, he wants to go too! This includes the couch while you’re watching TV, at your feet while you work in the office, and of course under the covers with you in bed at night. He is ready to be someone’s best friend and sidekick.


True to the breed, Moose has an extremely high prey drive. He loves flushing birds out of bushes, stalking squirrels and bunnies, and sniffing out moles. For the sake of the kitties, Moose needs to be in a home with no cats or other tiny pets.

Do you check all the boxes to be Moose’s new family?

· Work from home or retired

· No cats/prey-like animals

· Would work best as only dog in the home

· A comfy bed with extra blankets

If this is your home, please apply to adopt Moose!

Key Notes

  • 5 Years Old

  • Male

  • Smart and excited to learn

  • A true velcro dog

  • Would do best as only dog in home

  • No cats, birds, or other small animals in house

  • Would love to live with people who work from home or are retired and home more often than not

  • LOVES: Hanging out with his people, exploring his fenced yard

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