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Meet Olivia! She’s a stunning, young GSP around 1 year old. She is great with older kids and loves being a part of the family. Olivia has a playful spirit and lots of energy to fetch and go on walks, but can also settle down on her pad. Playing with toys and bones helps to keep her occupied throughout the day and are some of her favorite indoor things to do. Olivia likes being in her crate at night, but is still getting used to being in a crate when she’s alone. She’s working on a few commands like “sit” and “come” and would greatly benefit from going through a positive-based, basic obedience class. Olivia is good with other dogs after being introduced and spending time with them. She’s getting used to new experiences and seeing new animals (dogs, horses, deer) for the first time.

There is a whole new world out there for Olivia to discover and explore. Like all young GSP's, she will need someone who understands the energy requirement of this breed and is willing to put in the time needed with a young dog. Olivia is spayed, up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. If you would like to be the person who will help Olivia blossom into that confident and awesome dog, please fill out an application.

Key Notes

  • 1 Year Old

  • Female

  • Crate-trained

  • Young, playful & curious to new surroundings

  • Learning commands but needs someone with the understanding of the energy of a young GSP

  • LOVES: Toys & bones & her crate for bedtime

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