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  1. The first step in the adoption process through Ohio Shorthair Rescue is to complete an application.

  2. You will receive an email confirmation immediately. Please contact your vet for current/former pets to give them permission to give a referral.

  3. A volunteer will conduct a vet reference to verify that your current/past dogs are/were seen annually and kept up to date with all vaccines, on heartworm prevention year-round, landlord permission (if applicable), a phone interview, and finally we will set up a home visit to meet you and your family if all of our adoption requirements have been met (ie: good vet reference, containment, landlord permission, etc.).

  4. Once these steps are completed and the coordinator deems the applicant approved, we will begin matching applicants to available dogs. If a dog is listed, it is available, but there is always the possibility it is in the process of being adopted. We do not discuss specific dogs until after an applicant is approved to adopt. Not every dog available is posted; waiting approved adopters are given priority to any dog coming into our program that is a fit. All adoptions are at our sole discretion.

  5. If none of the dogs we have available for adoption are a fit for the applicant’s needs, then we will add the applicant to our approved list while we wait for the right fit.

  6. An applicant must be approved to adopt BEFORE any meetings with available dogs are facilitated. We are a foster based rescue; all of our dogs are in foster homes throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We do not have a shelter/building. If you live outside of those three states, please apply to the GSP rescue that covers your state.

  7. The length of time our entire adoption approval process takes can vary from a few days to weeks, depending on the availability and schedules of the applicants and volunteers involved in each particular case.

  8. The wait time for adoption that applicants experience can vary widely. We place dogs strictly based on what is the best fit for each of our dogs AND whether we have the right dog for the potential adopter.

  9. IF you decide at ANY point in time during the approval process that you are no longer seeking to adopt through us, kindly let us know.

  10. Adoption fees are based on estimated age ($550 puppies up to 1 year;  $475 1-3 years; $425 4-8 years; $300 ages 9 and up) and help us offset the cost of spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, heartworm preventative or treatment, de-worming medication, microchipping, food and grooming supplies.

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