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This pretty girl is Elsa. Elsa came to us from a terrible backyard breeding situation. She was filthy, scared, timid, and did not know anything about how to be a normal dog. Despite this horrible start in her life, she is incredibly sweet and affectionate with her people and likes to be that velcro dog. She has totally blossomed in her foster home where they have given her time to decompress and opportunities to run on real grass, explore both inside and outside, and interact with other dogs. She is a tiny girl, just under 50 pounds, and is approximately two years old.

Elsa has learned her name and basic commands in her foster home – sit, stay, come and kennel. Elsa’s favorite things in life are food, toys, snuggles and playing with her foster siblings. She loves her crate and happily sleeps in it every night. Elsa is very food motivated so training is easy. She is a very sensitive girl with soulful eyes, who always wants to please her people. In typical GSP fashion, she loves to cuddle (humans and dogs) and can never be close enough. Elsa loves all kinds of toys and softy blankets and will carry them all around the house.

Meeting strangers and traveling to new places, like the veterinary office, is hard for Elsa. She is not type of dog that will ever enjoy going to a dog park, even walking down the street is stressful for her. At home, a predictable routine is important to help Elsa stay relaxed. Visitors are always advised to ignore her at first and allow Elsa to make the decision when to approach. Luckily because she loves food so much, treats help her warm up to new people pretty quickly after a calm introduction.

Overall, Elsa is adapting very well to living in a house, given that she had never been indoors before she came to rescue. She is completely house-broken and lets her foster parents know when she needs to go outside by sitting at the door. She is super smart and a quick learner. Elsa will become an incredible companion for a quieter family without young children, and with another dog to continue to help her gain confidence. If you think Elsa would be a perfect part of your family, please fill out an application. Her adoption fee is $475.

Key Notes

  • 2 Years Old

  • Female, just under 50 lbs

  • Complete Velcro dog with her foster family

  • Best in a quiet home without young children

  • LOVES: Food, toys, snuggles and playing with her foster family's other dogs

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